Friday, December 25, 2009

A recent question put to the Water Goat, with the answer as provided by the Water Goat, for all to enjoy as a refreshing amusement only

A reader asks in effect to have explained by the Water Goat just what it is that is meant by the phrase "convection oven" - The Water Goat responds to the effect that "If I am not mistaken, I think that the main thing that distinguishes an aparatus that is a convection oven is this, that the oven compartment has a fan that circulates the air mass within it, a forced convection current as it were. Convection of course is the mechanical activity of a gas that results from the imbalance between air masses of disparate temperature as they are driven, the cold by Neptune and the warm by Ceres, to correct their imbalance and find true Love, destined however never to find it of course, their motions tending to converge in any case, and under ideal circumstances they even form vortexes or whirlwinds that in some extreme cases wind up tightening and resolving into the little winding stuffs from which Venus forms arrows for her silly child Eros.

So said the Water Goat, and then the Jolly Krater did tip and start to empty well - to Bacchus' pleasure and piping tunes, the party to commence.